Dedicated Grenton Smart Home Cable on offer!

A new product in our offer -> the GRENTON TF-Bus Cable, 2x0,8+(2x2x0,5), spool box - 200m (SKU: TFB-200-T-01).

Since we are constantly working on improving and simplifying the implementation process, the introduction of our own and dedicated bus cable was only a matter of time.

The Grenton Smart Home platform is a fully hybrid (wired and wireless) platform, but most of our customers choose the most stable and reliable variant, i.e. the wired bus in the physical layer. With this new product, we can be sure that the quality and reliability of the physical communication layer meet the highest standards.

The TF-Bus cable is now available for purchase directly from the B2B platform.

More technical details about the product can be found here: https://www.grenton.com/tf-bus-cable-85.html