The Grenton TF-Bus cable is a dedicated cable for installing Grenton Smart Home.

Due to the construction dedicated to the Grenton Smart Home system, it is the recommended cable for installing the Intelligent Building installation based on Grenton devices.

The cable provides optimal working conditions for Grenton Modules as well as Touch & Smart Panels. Supply wires with a properly selected diameter allow for efficient supply of devices. Wires used in the production are pure copper just to uncompromising the electrical properties and cable durability.

The cable has all the necessary certificates to use it for low voltage installations.


Technical Information

  • Cable type: 2x0,8 mm + 2x2x0,5 mm
  • External diameter ’D’: 6,6 mm
  • Cable weight: 65 kg/km
  • Power conductor diameter: 0,8 mm
  • Power conductor material: bare solid copper conductor (100 % Cu)
  • Power conductor insulation: PVC
  • Rated voltage: 100 V
  • Test voltage: 700 V
  • Signal conductor capacitance: 50 nF/km
  • Signal conductor wave impedance: 120 Ohm +/- 15%

Product Identification

  • Name: GRENTON TF-Bus Cable, 2x0,8+(2x2x0,5), spool box - 200m
  • SKU: TFB-200-T-01
  • EAN: 5902983719434
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a Grentonnal
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